RELENTLESS:Mentoring Program!

Are you……

  • Struggling to keep up with all that you have on your plate?
  • Noticing that you can’t seem to stay focused on the things that you know matter?
  • Having a hard time setting goals that will get you RESULTS?
  • Struggling to make decisions?
  • Feeling helpless, hopeless, and unproductive?
  • Tired of making excuses, wasting time, and not making a profit in your business ?
  • Tired of feeling overwhelmed?

Now what if….

  • You had a mentor to help keep you motivated and focused
  • Were clear about about your goals and weren’t just spinning your wheels
  • You learned to set goals that had an ACTIONABLE plan to garner RESULTS
  • You were productive everyday
  • You developed your strengths and personal attributes
  • You had someone in your corner who wanted the best for you and your business, didn’t take your excuses, and kept you accountable to yourself 

The Mompreneur Mentor’s RELENTLESS: Mentoring program provides you with the individualized advising sessions to help you be successful in your business and life.

Expect to receive:

  • Primary Advising Session: In this session we will get to know each other, analyze where you are ,  and set-up an initial goal plan to help you achieve your goals.
  • Two Virtual Advising Sessions per month (45 minutes each):   In each session, we will start with recognizing your achievements! Then we will discuss what worked for you and what didn’t work. In these sessions I will, also, provide feedback and direction to help you with your tasks until the next session. 
  • Weekly Text Check-ups

All sessions are held virtually via Zoom!

Tier 1 Investment to Participate: $200/ month


Tier 2 Investment to Participate with Private Facebook Group Support: $300/month